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Cooch and Taylor’s attorneys are leaders in the field of protecting companies’ intellectual property rights.  Our litigation attorneys have secured large judgments on behalf of companies where intellectual property rights were being violated as well as successfully defended companies from the now, all too common, meritless patent infringement lawsuits. Our litigation team regularly handles expedited litigation in all of Delaware’s trial courts and is well equipped to move as fast as is often necessary to protect our clients’ interests.

Trade Secret Litigation

Cooch and Taylor’s attorneys have extensive experience litigating trade secret misappropriation claims.  This experience includes successfully establishing that a well-known, global information technology company had willfully and maliciously stolen a trade secret from a former vendor, through a three week jury trial in the Delaware Superior Court’s Complex Commercial Litigation Division.  The Firm also regularly defends companies, both small and large, against misappropriation claims.  Our litigators are fortunate to be able to call upon the firm’s well respected employment law practitioners to assist with addressing questions related to non-compete, non-disclosure, or similar agreements that are often intertwined with trade secret litigation.

Patent Litigation

The Firm’s attorneys have significant experience serving as Delaware counsel to both national and international companies in patent infringement disputes.  Our attorneys routinely guide out of state or national counsel through the many pitfalls associated with practicing in the United States District Court for the District of Delaware.  The Firm’s wide range of practice areas allows our attorneys to appear regularly before all of the District Court judges.  Our attorneys have not only learned those judge’s unwritten rules and preferences but also established positive working relationships with the judges and their staff.