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Cooch and Taylor, P.A., one of Wilmington’s older and most respected law firms, was founded in 1960 by Edward W. Cooch, Jr. and Donald C. Taylor. Throughout its distinguished history, the firm has assisted a wide variety of clients in both transactional and litigation matters. Today, the firm’s primary focus is on assisting clients embroiled in complex litigation. We are proud to be the “go to” trial firm for many clients in complex or bet-the-company cases.

At Cooch and Taylor, you are never simply a case number or a file to process. Our respected practice has been based on personal relationships for nearly 60 years. Whether it’s acting as Delaware counsel partnering with out of state firms or representing businesses and individuals based right here in Delaware, we understand you need representation you can trust, and you’ll find it in our rigorous advocacy and unyielding integrity. Our trial attorneys are known for their advocacy, judgment, and responsiveness. Cooch and Taylor believes that listening, understanding, and believing in the goals of our clients are the keys to delivering results at the courthouse.

Our team of attorneys has a diverse background of industry experience and represents companies and individuals with matters in Delaware and beyond. From corporate governance to commercial disputes, insurance coverage to product liability, and nearly everything in between, we are here to stand beside you and build a custom solution that fits your needs.

We also recognize that serious and complex commercial litigation disputes involve various levels of risk. To that end, we often collaborate with clients on a variety of alternative fee and contingency fee arrangements. We have worked under these alternative arrangements in both plaintiff and defense matters, recognizing that each case is unique and requires fresh consideration with respect to creating a formula that works for both parties. Cooch and Taylor understands that our clients desire value and results, and we are dedicated to creating a relationship that delivers both.


Firm History

Edward W. Cooch, Jr. ("Ned") and Donald C. Taylor ("Don") met and joined as partners in the practice of law as a result of their knowledge and confidence in the late Judge Richard S. Rodney. After four and a half years of military service, Ned had married Judge Rodney's daughter, Sarah, on June 12, 1946, while a law student at the University of Virginia. Don, a graduate of Dickinson School of Law, had served several years in the Korean War and was finishing up his clerkship with the Judge in the late 1950s. At the time he maintained an office in the Market Tower and found his practice growing.

In 1959 Ned spoke to Judge Rodney and asked if he knew someone who might join him in the practice of law. At the time Ned had a very pleasant association with the late William H. Foulk but no partnership or other arrangement with respect to Ned's work. Without hesitation the Judge said "Talk to my law clerk, Don Taylor. He's just starting out on his own and I think you boys would hit it off." The Judge then spoke to Don and offered the same advice that the two of them would "hit it off."

There followed a series of breakfasts, lunches and other meetings between Don and Ned. Don did not want to join as an associate and Ned hesitated to start off as a full partnership on the theory that you had to "summer and winter" with a person to know him.

After many meetings and discussions on the practice of law and their individual goals, Ned and Don decided to join together as full partners on March 1, 1960. Judge Rodney's vision that the two of them would "hit it off" could not have been more true. On numerous occasions one of the two would present an idea to the other only to find that the other had already written a memorandum to the same effect but had not yet presented it to his partner. In the 45 years from the origin of the COOCH AND TAYLOR partnership until Don's untimely death on May 6, 2005, there was never a cross word between the two. The partnership that started with Ned, Don and two secretaries grew until the time of Don's death to 20 lawyers and a staff of paralegals and administrative personnel of about 30.

Ned Cooch, the author of this brief history, passed away September 23, 2010 at the age of 90. Ned and Don left a legacy of professionalism and courtesy that endures today.